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Jackie Golden

[email protected]

Versatile Creator of "Training That Sticks"

Meet Jackie

Professional Journey

Welcome! I'm Jackie, a dynamic professional with a diverse career that spans across multiple facets of training, coaching, professional development, project management, and management.

My journey is a unique blend of experiences, each shaping my approach to professional growth and development. My career began in the realm of personnel, where I was entrusted with the critical task of interviewing and recommending teachers for hires. This role not only honed my skills in talent assessment but also offered me a deep insight into the educational sector's needs and challenges.

Following this, I transitioned into a pivotal role as a classroom instructor for the Gifted Education Program at the Syracuse City School District. Here, I was literally overnight charged with the creative and demanding task of developing the Technoloby Curriculum as a result of the prior instructor's abrupt departure. 

This experience was instrumental in enhancing my curriculum design and development capabilities and deepened my understanding of specialized educational approaches.

Coaching Philosophy

As a Certified Goals Success Life Coach, my philosophy revolves around the potential inherent in every individual and organization. My approach combines empathetic listening with strategic planning, tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each professional with whom I engage.

My diverse background, especially in adult education and instructional design, informs my coaching style. I am committed to creating learning experiences that are not only informative but transformative, focusing on lasting impact and practical application.

Collaborative Spirit

Throughout my career, collaboration has been a key component. Working alongside a variety of professionals has enriched my perspective and approach in all I do. I value the connections and learnings shared within our coaching community, believing that our collective efforts can greatly enhance our practices and impact.

Looking Ahead

My ongoing goal is to inspire and be inspired, to impart knowledge and continue learning. I am excited about fostering new collaborations, embracing growth opportunities, and contributing meaningfully to the coaching and educational landscape.

Let's connect and explore how we can together advance in changing lives and performance through training that sticks and transforms.


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